AT4DL 2009

Workshop on Advanced Technologies for Digital Libraries 2009

AT4DL 2009, 8th September 2009, Trento (Italy)

Attended by Alistair, who gave a presentation.

The attached files are:

This is final version of the extended abstract submitted to the conference.
This is Alistair's presentation.
This file has eight A4 pages. They can be printed out and assembled into an A1 poster as described in the poster notes document.This file can also be presented as a slideshow. Instructions on how to do this are attached in a comment.
These are the notes to accompany the poster immediately above.
ABLE_ExtendedAbstract_for_AT4DL_v4.3.doc50 KB
at4dl_poster_complete.pdf1.81 MB
at4dl_v1.1.ppt308.5 KB
AT4DL_poster_notes.doc31 KB


Viewing the poster (or any other pdf) as a slideshow

You can get the PDF file to run as a continuous slide show using Adobe Reader.

  1. Open the file in Adobe Reader.
  2. Select [Edit] and Preferences from the menu.
  3. Near the top of the Categories list, select Full Screen.
  4. In Full Screen Navigation on the right
    1. Tick Loop after last page
    2. Tick Advance every ... seconds
    3. Set the number of seconds to something quite large - 60?
  5. Select OK.

To run the slide show

  1. Select [View] then Full Screen mode.

The slide show will run unattended and continuously until you press the Escape key.

These screen dumps also show you the process.

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