Applying taxon names

Finding taxon names in the source text

Use run_FindIT.php

Adding taxon names to the TEI mark up

Use apply_FindIT.php

Alternative forms of adding taxon names

We insert taXMLit XML into our TEI XML to record taxonomic information, for example:

<txm:TaxonHeading><txm:TaxonHeadingParagraph Explicit="true">Trichodectes canis</txm:TaxonHeadingParagraph><txm:TaxonHeadingName><txm:AlternateUsedInWork Source="current context"><txm:TaxonName Explicit="false">Trichodectes canis</txm:TaxonName><txm:GenusName Explicit="false">Trichodectes</txm:GenusName><txm:SpeciesEpithet Explicit="false">canis</txm:SpeciesEpithet></txm:AlternateUsedInWork></txm:TaxonHeadingName></txm:TaxonHeading><txm:GUID Source="uBio" Kind="namebankID" Explicit="false">3509767</txm:GUID>

The advantage of this approach is the detail in the mark up and that it is already in taXMLit format. Therefore, any later conversion to taXMLit of our files need only copy these elements, yet the data is still immediately accessible because of the use of XML namespaces, ie the txm prefix to each element.

Alternative approaches:

1 - follow DCL's approach and use TEI's <hi> element like this:

<hi rend="genus">Trichodectes</hi><hi rend="species">canis</hi>

This has the advantage of almost fitting in with DCL's TEI marked up files. Potentially this approach means we could use DCL's TEI->taXMLit programs at a later date to convert the ABLE files with minimal changes to their programs.

This is an inappropriate use of TEI's <hi> element's rend attribute. The attribute is primarily intended to highlight typographic differences, such as italic text, not semantic differences. However, as there is no restriction on the contents of the attribute, this use of rend is permitted.

2 - use TEI's more appropriate <name> element so:

<name type="genus">Trichodectes</name><name type="species">canis</name>

This option represents the worst of all worlds to us as it neither fits in with DCL nor with taXMLit, but it is the 'best' in terms of fitting in with TEI.

Sample output

See bulletinofbritis51entolond_tei_with_FindIT.xml.

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apply_FindIT.php_.txt4.91 KB
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